Management Commitee

The OCD Network Executive committee is formed by a team of professionals, and is in-charge of the direction of the network and development of outreach and engagement activities

Dr Jackki Yim

Dr Elna Yadin

Dr Desmond Ang

Ms Felicia Seah

Dr J. Hariram

Dr Lau Boon Jia

Ms Tammie Kwek

Dr Lue Ping Ong

Dr Eng Goi Khia

Ms Yvette Tan

Mr Fred Cordeiro

Ms Fiona Thong

Ms Tammie Kwek

Dr Lue Ping Ong

Dr Eng Goi Khia

Dr Bhanu Gupta

Mr Titus Yim

Outreach Team

The outreach team is tasked with the designing of publicity collaterals, planning of outreach programmes and the management of outreach platforms (i.e. this website and instagram), with the aim of increasing public awareness of OCD and increasing the accessibility of available support to those who need it!

Yap Ning Hwi

Hoh Shanting

Foo Jyh Hsien

Chuz Zhuo Rong Roger

Ang Xing Yu

Amanda Quah

Tan Guo Yang

Engagement Team

The engagement team is tasked with working with community partners to come up with workshops that would benefit OCD Network members while organising activities to provide opportunities for the network to bond and have fun!

Calista Chiu Min Hui

Claire Ong

Alexis Sudrajat

Winnie Chiau




Other Supporting Partners

Dr Tan Kwan Hong
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